Mascara Party – Les Disquaires – Janvier 17th 2008


Each third thursday of each month, Zaltan & Top Secret take place at Les Disquaires, (a brand new place, rue des Taillandiers / with the team of the 9 Billards) with MASCARA the new mini party with hi-resolution schedule, gathering, thanks to the movements of the dance music culture, newbie, specialists, collectors, amateurs, dancers or simple curious people around some exotic frozen and volcanic Cosmic Electronic Disco rituals. Zaltan & Top Secret have planned for you some terrific guests/collectors DJs, with fascinating musical culture.

For this first party of 2008, they receive two of they colleagues from Elektrosonik. DJ Nuclear and DJ Lemmings.

Les Disquaires
6 rue des taillandiers
M° Bastille / Ledru-Rollin.

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