Dr. Dre – Sweet

Way before becoming the world famous hip hop producer we all know, Andre Young, also known as Dr. Dre, was an electronic producer!

During the 80’s he worked on several projects such as "World Class Wrekin’ Cru" and "N.W.A.". He also produced for other artists and bands such as "Fila Fresh Crew" and "Eazy E".

Most of the productions of theses time are not yet "hip hop" as we know it today, but more some electronic music with real vocals. This is what we call "Electro-funk", and most famous tracks are from Afrika Bambaataa, Planet Patrol, Ice-T, Egyptian Lover, Chris Taylor, Arabian Prince, Herbie Hancock…

The track "Sweet" I give you here is something a bit special. Produced by Dre near 1987/1988, it has a special construction that makes it even more "chicago house" than "electro-funk"!

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