Venise – Playboy

Super Radio Records is one of theses labels that will remain in the history of electronic music. This italian label was created and is still managed by Franco Scopinich and Venise. The releases combine some of the best Italo Disco tracks ever made, along with some of the kitschest stuff!

The most famous artists of the label are "Sun La Shan", "Camaro’s Gang", "Barry Mason" and "Venise".

The label was closed for years are was re-opened two years ago thanks to the current italo disco revival. Super Radio Records launched a few websites and myspace, so you can now buy directly from them the great records of that time.

Also, they launched a free download site where you can get all their music, a great way to discover this label!

Check the website:

Here is one of the best tracks from the label, one of my favourite Italo Disco track also.

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