Riz Ortolani – Adulteress' Punishement

In 1980, the movie "Cannibal Holocaust" was released to theatres. The story in itself is quite simple, a TV filmmaker team is going to south-America to make a documentary about cannibals tribes, but they never returned. A few month later, a search team is sent to find them out, but only find the footage of the movie.

The movie was banned in a lot of country because of the violence and pornography, while in fact the goal of the movie was to show how far violence and pornography can be very common for us nowadays and shown everyday on TV.

Along this movie, the score is really important. And in a quite surprising manner, Riz Ortolani produced a very peaceful and beautiful soundtrack. With lots of strings and synths. Very far from the common "horror" movies soundtracks.

Here is a sample of the soundtrack, maybe one of the saddest part of the score.

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