Bogusman – I Did Not Fuck My Life

In June 2004, I’ve been to a small electro gig in Brussels at the
club "Magasin 4". There were two artists from the famous German label
Kommando 6, Codes and TecRoc. It was a really great gig but the big
surprise for me was to discover this crazy guy: Bogusman.

played last, starting his live at 5am when people were already quite
tired with the great sound they heard before, but something incredible
happened. His electro-punk sound was so fat, dirty and fast, he woke up
and got everyone crazy. One hour later, the managers of the Magasin 4
asked him to stop the sound while the crowd was begging for more!

one of the best live act I seen. Too bad he hasn’t released more
records, only one EP on the French label Fdb Recordings in 2003. As far
as I know he prefers to play live in various places in Belgium.

Here is one of his tracks, taken from the EP. Be sure to check his myspace :

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